All of my college admission decisions came in today.

I pray so often for God to break me and humble me. This past week, I have begged God to wreck my world. I want Him to destroy the things that distract me from His perfection and glory.
I came to a realization as I was praying. If I really let God take over my life, to break me and humble me, then I need to completely let go of my college plans and my desire to end up at some ivy league school.
Because honestly, ambition and success are my weaknesses. It’s not money that I’m after, but achievement. It pulls my attention from Christ. It pushes me to be selfish and arrogant. And so, why would I long to go to an ivy league college?
The colleges that I wanted to attend were the exact places where my greatest weakness would be viewed as my greatest strength by everyone around me.
And so, after a full day of asking God to speak clearly to me, I receieved college decisions, and I didn’t get accepted to any of the places that I had originally hoped for. But, I am ecstatic because now I will be going to U of M and I’ll be close to HPBC. I can graduate in three years, and I’ll be surrounded by friends and SCS alum that will keep me accountable.
I often wish that all temptations could be pulled away from me, and while my own ambition and drive will always be a temptation, I can praise God because He took away the temptation of a pretentious school that I am not mature enough yet to handle. I would constantly be pressured to be the best, and I naturally feel defined by my accomplishments instead of finding pure joy in the fact that I am NOTHING and God still gave everything for me.
I was accepted to UMich, UChicago, and waitlisted to Johns Hopkins.
We serve an incredible God, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited right now that I don’t even have to struggle with decisions about next year. God is so great, and I stand speechless in His grace and mercy.