I was tidying up my room today when a small flurry of excitement rushed through me. I realized that it was Sunday, which means that tomorrow morning, a garbage truck will stop in front of my house and pick up the bags of waste that I removed from my room. This might seem like a really stupid thing to be excited about, but I must have forgotten to take out the trash last week, and I hate when my trash can is full. Then a thought hit me: God picks up the trash whenever we want. We don’t have to wait until Monday morning to get rid of all the old tissues and crumpled Honey ‘N Oats wrappers. I can ask for forgiveness at 4 am on a Tuesday night, and God will come and take the trash out of my life. I don’t have to let the waste sit there for a while, cluttering my heart and spreading germs, but instead, I can go to God at any time and be entirely refreshed, renewed, and awakened.

This is nothing new or especially profound, but I am so thankful for a God who is there for me ALL THE TIME, no matter what. I’m glad He doesn’t just fit me into His schedule (like I so often do to Him). And above all, I am unspeakably thankful that He is willing to take out the trash for me. If He hadn’t given up His life, I would be forced to let all of my sins, shame, guilt, and sorrows simply fester in my heart. I am nothing without Him. I am NOTHING without His sacrifice. I am nothing without His grace, mercy, and love. I can run into His open arms at anytime and He’ll remove the trash and squeeze my heart to beat with His. Incredible.