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Yesterday, I woke up before 6 am without the assistance of an alarm or any type of discomfort. Instead, my body decided it was rested, and so my day began. I did my daily workout, sat down with my journal, colored pens, and bible, and found that we had orange juice in the fridge (which we never do). At 8, I headed over to my neighbors’ house to begin my long day of babysitting. When I walked in, I was surprised to find that the kids were still asleep. I had a bowl of Kashi cereal and then walked into each of their rooms to wake them up. When I opened Derek’s door, I found him hugging a pillow while sunlight spilled over his face. I couldn’t wake him up; he was too adorable. After some probing, Stacey woke up and poured herself a bowl of cereal in the cheeriest mood I’ve ever seen. Derek came out of his room too and curled up on the couch with me. After breakfast, I took some old 2 liter bottles and cut them in half. I secured a hand towel to the opening on the bottom with a rubber band and then filled two bowls with diluted dish soap. They dipped them in and blew monster bubbles which they then chased around the yard. They were exclaiming, “it’s snowing in july!” and my heart was already exploding with joy. This kept them entertained for almost an hour, after which they decided it was going to be a craft day. We headed over to my house to find random paints, papers, and cardboard. They sat next to me at my computer while we looked through some different craft ideas, and then we headed back to their house. We made homemade rainbow popsicles which were fun to eat, but even more fun to make. A few hours later, we sat outside licking our popsicles and then hopped into their pool. Derek swam for the VERY FIRST TIME without his floaties, and a huge smile never left his face–except when he was really focused on not drowning, which was a lot of the time.

It was a perfect day.



Idols. Functional saviors. Gods “on potty break”. Idols are the core of all sin. Every sin we commit is rooted in idoltry. Even believers who appear to be doing everything right struggle with idoltry. When we gossip, steal, or lie, there is some idol–some motivation for our actions–that persuades us to do so. We want to please our friends, our parents, ourselves, etc. Not spending sufficient time reading God’s word? Not talking to God enough? Not giving money? Not serving or giving your time? Time and money are spent on what we value most, and often times, this is not our Creator. What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning? What do you think about when you are driving to work/ school?

I was babysitting three beautiful kids on Friday, and the topic of heaven came up. The kids wanted to know why I was reading my Bible. They wanted to know more about Jesus (they had heard some of the basics) but more than anything, they wanted me to describe heaven. I flipped my Bible open to Revelation 21 and started reading, but the kids were quickly distracted.
“Will my mom be in heaven?” Megan asked me.
“If she believes in Jesus and asked Him into her heart, then yes, she’ll be in heaven.” I replied, unsure of how this conversation would progress.
“But, we’ll get to live with mom and dad, right!?” Megan looked at me fearfully.
“I… I don’t know. But you won’t be sad! You’ll get to be with God and with Jesus, and They are EVERYTHING that you will ever want!” I knew that this truth would go over her head. It’s something that I fight to understand everyday.
“Will there be stwangers in heaven?” Joseph, the youngest boy, asked me. “Will there be stwangers and wobbers?”
“Only people who believe in Jesus will be in heaven, so nobody will ever hurt you or steal from you.”
“… so, no wobbers!?” Joseph lit up and began pumping his fists in the air. “I’M GOING TO HEAVEN, AND THE BEST PART IS, THERE WON’T BE ANY STWANGERS OR WOBBERS!”
I smiled. This conversation seemed innocent enough in the moment, but then the older boy spoke up.
“You said the streets would be made of gold, right? And there will be jasper? Is jasper expensive?”
“Well, I…” I began to respond, but he interrupted.
“So I’ll be rich in heaven? I can buy anything I want, any time I want? That’s AWESOME!”
“Well, you…” I started, but Megan joined in.
“I’m going to get a laptop! And I’ll buy everything I want! I want to go to heaven right now! Well, as long as mom and dad are there with us”
“No, you…”

It was a cute conversation. It was unashamed excitement about heaven, but for all the wrong reasons. Within 5 minutes of accepting Christ as their personal savior, these kids had already turned from what mattered. I don’t think they can really understand what it means to be excited for heaven simply to know God. I struggle to love God simply for who He is and not for the “perks”. And God gives us gifts that we are invited to love and enjoy, but we so often place these things above Him. Hearing these three innocent kids be so vocal about what mattered to them, Megan–family, Joseph–safety, and Christofer–money, broke my heart. It broke my heart because I could relate. It broke my heart because I know God’s promises and love so much more intimately, but I still struggle with something so fundamental.
It broke my heart because I know that it breaks God’s.

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